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Design your deck to be functional and beautiful! 

Good design has just as much to do with how something works as it does with how something looks. One basic principle of good design is form follows function. At CDP Construction & Services we are all about the attention to detail that defines a custom deck. 


Once your custom deck is completed, select your custom railing that matches the architectural design of your home. Your railing can have a custom, contemporary or classic look to it. Made from materials such as composite, vinyl, and aluminum and can be customized by a range of color, finish and deck rail options. There are also many posts and texture options to choose from. 

There are lots of ways to customize your deck railing. One simple way of doing this is by choosing a unique baluster that matches your style. Baluster details can be as simple or elaborate as you wish. With a range of spindle designs to choose from, they can be either square, round, rectangle, curved or straight and come in a variety of custom colors. 

Wood spindles can also be purchased in different shapes and sizes to give your deck a custom look. 


Don't forget! You can add lighting to your deck and railing project to add more functional beauty to your investment. Lighting may be thought of as just for ambiance, but it may also be needed for safety. 

Lighting features to choose from: 

  • Post cap 

  • Stair Risers Lighting 

  • Under rail Lighting 

  • In-deck Lighting

As well as other accent light options are available to consider too. 



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